Reforming Our Police Department

Many of us are just as nervous about our trigger-happy police force as we are about the uptick in violent crime.

My key proposals are:

  1. Conduct a nationwide search to replace acting Chief Arradondo with a reformer from outside the MPD;
  2. Pass and implement a CCOPS law;
  3. Higher standards for ‘resisting arrest’ charges and re-evaluation of apprehension methods;
  4. Institution of a mandatory spoken statement similar to the ‘Miranda rights’ statement that informs citizens of their rights in any situation when an officer asks to conduct a search without a warrant;
  5. Full disclosure and information security audits of any police databases that contain information about citizens who have not been accused or convicted of a crime;
  6. Refuse any participation in federalized policing – among others, this includes ICE activity (continuing the “Sanctuary City” policy) and terrorism investigations that deploy spying technologies;
  7. Re-introduce a proposal to require individual officers to carry professional liability insurance;
  8. Elimination of paid administrative leave in cases where police are investigated for violent encounters with citizens. Acquittal would bring a payout of accrued salary during a leave period, rather than the current system where the public pays for a vacation for accused officers.

Voting Libertarian will protect your civil rights – the DFL has allowed them to erode and continued to enable our abusive police force.