An Alternative for Minneapolis

Liberty - RevolutionI’m proud to represent the Libertarian ideal in Minneapolis. Like you, I am socially accepting and fiscally responsible – my aspiration is to ensure that my neighbors can live their life as they see fit, and to make sure that everyone is treated equally before the law. I want to let you live free of government requirements to behave a certain way. I’d like to keep all of our lives affordable by minimizing the role of our wasteful and inefficient government.

I am a newcomer and a previous resident of Chicago, IL and Oakland, CA – both long-time Democratic Party strongholds that are virtually synonymous with failed city management.

Living in a dysfunctional city made me curious as to why I was paying 9.25% local sales tax, an average of 4% of my income in property taxes, and 9.3% in state income taxes — for a city and state that were bankrupt and providing only the barest minimum of services. For a Libertarian, there’s nothing wrong with government services being reduced to a minimum – but it’s a problem when citizens are taxed exorbitantly for them! Why not just cut out the middle man?

I think, and the Libertarian Party thinks, that Minneapolis can do better. Our new $15/hr minimum wage ordinance will do nothing to improve our net economic situation; who would start a business or create more jobs in a city whose labor costs are 50% higher than surrounding communities? The leading contender for Ward 8, Andrea Jenkins, will only continue the reckless policies of the current office holder.

This year, Libertarians will join the ballot in Minneapolis, opening political debate that considers the interests of entrepreneurs, includes real criticism of the justice system, and questions the implicit assumption that no social program should lack a budget. We look forward to challenging the DFL and Greens.