Reforming Our Police Department

Many of us are just as nervous about our trigger-happy police force as we are about the uptick in violent crime.

Something is fundamentally wrong in the MPD – something that extends down to the simplest aspects of training. Even an hour’s worth of firearms training should have kept Justine Damond alive. How did an officer have his weapon unholstered on his lap to fire across the car, endangering his partner, to shoot a civilian who was outside the car? This makes no sense whatsoever – and it can only be attributed to criminally inadequate training. The MPD needs to be reformed from even the most basic level.


My key proposals are:

  1. Conduct a nationwide search to replace acting Chief Arradondo with a reformer from outside the MPD;
  2. Pass and implement a CCOPS law;
  3. Higher standards for ‘resisting arrest’ charges and re-evaluation of apprehension methods;
  4. Institution of a mandatory spoken statement similar to the ‘Miranda rights’ statement that informs citizens of their rights in any situation when an officer asks to conduct a search without a warrant;
  5. Full disclosure and information security audits of any police databases that contain information about citizens who have not been accused or convicted of a crime;
  6. Refuse any participation in federalized policing – among others, this includes ICE activity (continuing the “Sanctuary City” policy) and terrorism investigations that deploy spying technologies;
  7. Re-introduce a proposal to require individual officers to carry professional liability insurance;
  8. Any officer brought to trial for professional misconduct (after a joint police-civilian investigation) would immediately lose all rights to paid administrative leave. Any officer convicted of a crime would be liable for any pay previously accrued during paid administrative leave.

Voting Libertarian will protect your civil rights – the DFL has been complicit with an abusive police force and needs to be held accountable.